Monday, May 25, 2009

Cinnamon Scrolls and Port Melbourne

With just under two weeks left till I have to submit my folio, I’ve been working in my studio everyday for the past week. I have also created an extremely unrealistic schedule that will hopefully help me to get everything done in time. All this work and stress has unfortunately given me a horrid cold. I’ve been drinking massive amounts of water and taking vitamin c three times a day. My fellow studio mates and I have been having long talks about ways to stay healthy, and about how much we’re stressing out. Copious bottles of wine and cups of tea have also been drunk. After spending my whole weekend in the studio, today I woke up at 10.30 and couldn’t face the trip into the city, so I’m being lazy and staying home. I’m hoping to get some work done, but I know it’s unlikely.

I made this recipe a few weeks ago after a trip to Port Melbourne. My whole class was forced to visit this desolate place so that we could make some work from the experience. Now that everyone is stuck into the work, no one is enjoying it. Much like our trip which was blessed with freezing, overcast weather, punctuated with bouts of rain. I got practically no work done, spent most of my time in the dodgy café and froze my hands and ears off. I did enjoy travelling along the light rail tram route (in the case the 109, but the 96 also takes it), which makes the tram feel like a train (such simple pleasures). My friend and I ended up sneaking off 3 hours early. Once I got home I was in need of some warm, cinnamony goodness. I’d tried to make cinnamon scrolls before but they turned out very hard, almost biscuity in texture. These, however, are soft and delicate. Now that we’re heading into winter, these are perfect to warm you up after a long day outdoors.

I’ve had this recipe printed out in my “to cook” folder for a while, but when I searched for it online, I couldn’t find the original. I searched the text and found the exact same post on website, but with a different picture. I’m not quite sure what happened. Anyway, here’s a link to the recipe on the blog.

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Fi said...

I am making these this afternoon. Looks fabulous.