Saturday, May 7, 2011

Come get your slop!

I'm always going on about frugal cooking and making stuff from scratch etc. Sometimes, though, I just look in the fridge and cupboard and go 'Why don't we have any FOOD?' - you know, stuff that is ready to eat, then and there.

And then I go away grumpily and a few minutes later come back, look in the fridge and cupboard again, and come to the same conclusion. And then sulk.

It happened today. It's not like there wasn't anything to eat. We'd just been to the market. We'd stocked up on vegetables and lentils and rice and tofu. I swear though, at that moment, there was nothing to eat.

Finally I just told myself to get over it and started chopping up some garlic and onion, and putting together the beginnings of a lentil stew. With potato. And cumin. And some brussel sprouts from last week.

Of course, like all lentil stew, it came out looking like brown slop. It was a brown slop. But it was food, and it was relatively tasty. And it wasn't that hard to make, I guess. I have just started to wonder why I don't make my life a bit easier and start buying things that are slightly more convenient. Chickpeas in cans. Pasta sauces in jars. That kind of stuff. When you look in the fridge and all you see is a large cauliflower looking back at you, it's not that inspiring. Especially when you are REALLY HUNGRY. And tired. Or bored.

I shouldn't be angry at the slop. The slop is how my boyfriend and I saved up for a deposit on a house. The slop is how we will actually manage to pay for the house (I hope!). But gee, slop can be boring sometimes. Sticking to your own rules can be hard!

Anyway, I'm going to go make a loaf of bread and hang the washing out now.