Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden: Before and After

We are turning our overgrown, messy backyard into a series of vegie patches. Here are some photos from today.

We've been hacking at a mysterious lump (it seems to have been created by many years of grass clippings dumped on top of each other) trying to get all the weeds out of it. Then we plan to grow pumpkins and zucchinis on the lump, come spring.

Broad beans are growing quickly and I've got some seedlings coming up in seedling trays.

I'm planning to turn the old driveway into garden beds.

We plan to get some fruit trees too - in pots in case we ever can't renew our lease, so we can bring them with us to wherever we go next!

I'll put more photos up in a few months - hopefully by then there'll be quite a transformation!

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