Friday, April 2, 2010

I am never making a roast chicken again.

Sure, it tasted pretty good, but it took hours, dirtied every dish I own with a film of grease and ended up tasting ... like chicken. By the time it was ready the kitchen was a disaster, and I was too tired to enjoy eating it.

The roasted onions, garlic, beetroot, sweet potato and potato and the steamed grean beans were much more interesting.

The leftovers today for lunch, however, were rather tasty - livened up with a bit of whole-egg mayonaisse and Maille dijon mustard.

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Ms Baklover said...

Ha, I laughed when I saw the title. I concur! Roasting a whole chook is for the birds. I buy from the local charcoal chicken shop, which is free range too, and tastes far better than anything I could ever make.